Mark Norwood

GM, Products and Solutions

Mark Norwood joined LPS in March 2017. Mark is responsible for the lifecycle management of our Products and Services in the marketplace. He works with LPS Digital and Engineering in crafting client-specific service solutions and works closely with Rob Franklin and Evan Belford in identifying, developing and selling solutions to our client base.

In addition, Mark was appointed to manage the Consulting Practice on 1st April 2019, working with our consulting and tooling team to continue to win in the marketplace with our offerings and working with the team to review and expand our capabilities meet our clients current and future needs.

Mark also assumes a Product Ownership role inside LPS, providing an interface between the business and the technology team as we adopt and adapt our internal systems to meet the needs of our growing operations.

Mark joined the Senior Leadership Team on the 1st of April 2019. Mark previously has been primarily focused on working with the LPS Result General Manager to grow the client base and re-shape the unit’s go-to-market product and service offerings.

To date, he has overseen the awarding of several new-to-LPS client contracts and established a working party with key clients, collaboratively developing our future state testing offerings.

Mark Norwood has over 30 years in the IT industry and a career journey spanning technical roles (those days are gone) through roles in sales and customer relationship management. His background includes software development, having lead teams developing software products for the retail banking marketplace, the design and implementation of business applications for his clients, including architecting New Zealand’s first internet Bank, and roles in project and programme management.

He has worked extensively with many of New Zealand’s leading brands and has extensive global experience developing IT solutions in the US, Canada, Germany, Australia and the Pacific.

Prior to joining LPS, Mark held leadership roles, responsible for leading sales and solutions teams developing and delivering complex service engagements in the Banking industry.